Men’s mental health support

Acumen is committed to addressing men’s mental health issues, helping men to build strong mental health.

The prevalence of work-related mental health conditions is on the rise, resulting in over four times longer periods of absence from work compared to other injuries. Consequently, it stands out as one of the most expensive forms of workplace injury.

Mental health claims not only lead to significantly more time off work but also entail higher compensation compared to physical injuries and diseases1.

Adding to the concern is the state of men’s mental health in Australia, where 75% of suicide deaths are men.

Alarmingly, over six men succumb to suicide every day, and they are notably less inclined to seek help for mental health issues2.

75% of deaths from suicide are men


More than six men die by suicide in Australia every day


Men are much less likely to seek help for mental health issues


How Acumen is helping men to build strong mental health

Recognising the challenges that men face, Acumen is committed to addressing men’s mental health issues.

We are dedicated to educating staff in psychological injury management, with now over 45% of our workforce experienced in this area.

What the literature says works3:

  • Take an individualised approach
  • Focus on the person and not the condition
  • Establish rapport early
  • Consider coaching
  • Provide self help support
  • Build resilience
  • Support social connection
  • Encourage exercise
  • Make it engaging
  • Role models
  • Be clear and share control
  • ‘Do’ it, don’t just ‘talk’ it

Acumen’s evidence-based practices to support men’s mental health

Our actionable framework and range of evidence-informed practices assist men in navigating their unique challenges.

Mentally Minded blog

We have developed a supportive tool to regularly connect with men and assist them to maintain strong mental heath – Acumen’s Mentally Minded blog.

Released monthly, this engaging blog provides insights and information spanning the five key pillars of wellbeing – physical, emotional, career, social and financial.

Access the blog via LinkedIn.

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1 Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia, 2023 – Safe Work Australia

2 Data and statistics – Lifeline

3 Men in and out of treatment for depression: Strategies for improved engagement – ZE Seidler, SM Rice, JL Oliffe, AS Fogarty, HM Dhillon, Australian Psychologist

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