Acumen Health for employers

We’re here to help you look after your biggest asset: your employees

Your employees are your company’s biggest asset, so looking after your people is not only good for them – it’s also very good for business.

We can help you look after your people in two ways.


We offer rehabilitation and return to work services to help your employees return to productivity after a compensable or non-compensable injury, illness or disease has occurred.

Our team of allied health and occupational consulting experts partner with you and your employee every step of the way to help ensure a productive and long-term return to work.


Our team can also – via our Wellness Architects brand – partner with you in all aspects of the design and delivery of wellness and injury prevention strategies across your workplace.

These services range from our flagship ‘LiveWell’ product which provides a whole of company wellness solution tailored to achieve specific organisational goals, to individual products focussed on specific areas of employee health and wellbeing.