I am a veteran

Rehabilitation support for veterans

At Acumen Health we know that moving from active service to civilian life can be challenging.

Our team of experienced rehabilitation consultants have extensive experience in supporting active members transition, taking into account all aspects to ensure a supported integration into civilian life.

We have been reappointed to provide veteran rehabilitation services and have experienced consultants across the country well-prepared to assist veterans and their families, when and where they need it.

With a team boasting lived experience, including over 15 reservists, 14 veterans, and more than 25 defence spouses, we understand veterans’ unique perspective. We have been dedicated to assisting veterans for over a decade and our passion lies in helping veterans successfully transition back to their communities, recognising the significant impact of the right support.

Medical management

Our clinicians provide treatment and support for accepted conditions to help meet the health and wellbeing needs of our veteran clients. The focus of medical management rehabilitation includes:

  • assisting veterans to develop skills and strategies to find and access health professionals in their geographic area
  • encouraging and assisting veterans to find and independently access veteran and family specific assistance programs from DVA and Open Arms
  • supporting veterans with chronic or complex health conditions to develop skills in building their health literacy and proactively manage their health and wellbeing
  • working with veterans to find resources and programs in their community that promote a focus on recovery and effective health self-management – these may include Veterans’ and Families’ Hubs

As a part of a whole of person approach, a medical management rehabilitation plan may also include psychosocial rehabilitation or vocational rehabilitation interventions to help veterans achieve their rehabilitation goals.

Psychosocial rehabilitation

Psychosocial interventions are important to progressing recovery, achieving positive rehabilitation outcomes and maintaining long term wellbeing. Our psychosocial interventions aim to help veterans self-manage their accepted conditions, focus on their strengths and move forward from a service-related injury or illness. They also develop and improve life management skills, family functioning, social connectedness, and meaningful engagement with family and the broader community.

Vocational rehabilitation

You have developed exceptional skills throughout your time as a serving member, many of which are transferrable to civilian employment. Our team of experienced consultants can assist you with developing new career goals, skills translation, personal branding and marketing, interviewing skills and support with adjusting to the civilian workplace. And once you have secured civilian employment, we can also support you with navigating civilian workplace issues and ongoing career advice, should you require.

For more information on how we can assist veterans please contact us. We are here to address any direct enquiries and support you on your journey.

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