Pre-employment assessments

During the recruitment process, pre-employment assessments ensure individuals are functionally or medically fit to perform their new role safely.

How can a pre-employment assessment help?

A pre-employment assessment is a vital risk management tool that uses a medical examination to evaluate a person’s fitness and suitability for the demands of a job and ensure workplace safety is maintained.

We have experienced rehabilitation consultants who can assess a possible candidate through both medical and physical functional assessments as well as other specific tests such as musculoskeletal, task-specific functional, health screening, audiometry, spirometry, and drug and alcohol testing.

The physical demands of a job are replicated in a clinical setting with the candidate assessed against these so a determination can be made as to whether they can safely complete the applied role.

An assessment comprises of:

  • A thorough questionnaire of the individual’s health, injury history and any conditions specifically related to the industry (e.g. colour blindness for an electrician)
  • Review of the questionnaire with the assessor to ensure all areas are correctly answered and to gauge any risks
  • Any or all of the following:
    • Drug and/or alcohol screening
    • Eyesight screening (near and far distances and colour blindness)
    • Spirometry and a lung capacity screen
    • Audiometry and a hearing screening
    • Functional testing to the prerequisite guidelines stipulated by the organisation (e.g. lifting and carrying 20kgs for up to 30m, lifting 15kgs overhead)

Assessment options


  • Standard functional assessment only – may be appropriate for generic labouring jobs


  • Standard functional assessment, audiometry test, and drug and alcohol test


  • Tailored* functional assessment, audiometry test, and drug and alcohol test

* The customer provides their own jobs task analysis of the physical demands of their roles and the apparent risks (e.g. loud noises) or Acumen completes a jobs task analysis prior to the pre-employment assessment agreement (additional costs incurred).

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