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The importance of choosing a regional and small employer expert in Queensland

Choosing a locally based rehabilitation provider offers numerous advantages over a provider that is required to travel or provide telehealth services.

Here’s why it’s important to opt for regional expertise in Queensland:

Localised expertise

Regional partners are deeply embedded within their communities.

They have established strong relationships with local doctors, specialists, and allied health professionals.

This close-knit network enhances communication and builds trust, leading to more effective rehabilitation outcomes.

Industry insight

Queensland’s regional areas each have unique economic landscapes driven by specific industries.

From agricultural hubs to transport centres and growing manufacturing sectors, regional providers have first-hand experience and knowledge of the local industries and specific roles they entail

This allows them to tailor rehabilitation strategies to meet the specific demands and challenges faced by workers and employers in these industries.

Timely response

Time is crucial in rehabilitation.

Partnering with a locally based provider eliminates logistical challenges associated with distant travel or the impersonal nature of telehealth consultations.

On-the-ground support can be delivered promptly and efficiently, ensuring that workers and employers with complex needs receive the assistance they require when they need it.

Understanding small businesses

In addition to finding a regional expert, it is crucial to choose a partner who understands the vital role small businesses play in driving regional economies.

A partner aware of the unique roles and needs of small employers, and who are skilled in supporting their injured workers is essential.

Small businesses face more challenges in returning workers to their roles compared to larger employers.

Each small business is unique, making it essential to have a trusted rehabilitation provider who understands the niche of each business and the specific roles involved. This enables the creation of tailored solutions that align with their distinct needs and values.

Acumen’s Queensland footprint

Our dedicated team of physical and psychological rehabilitation professionals live and work locally, from Cairns in North Queensland to the Gold Coast in Queensland’s south, and out west to Toowoomba and the Darling Downs.

To speak to our team about the unique needs of your workforce please contact us.

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